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Dakar 2013
ATV Champions -1st-, 3rd and 4th place
ATV´s brand Can-Am from Chile and Chilly Racing  joined efforts to prepare a very ambitious team of six pilots, four Chileans and two bolivians. The team´s director, Carlos Avendaño, moved to Los Angeles, at  Chile, and during five months worked improving the ATV´s, adapting them to the harsh climate as well as the land, and making these machines to become nearly indestructible.
The result for the ATV´s could not be better. Two of the six pilots could not complete the race due to injuries at accidents, but the rest reached the finish in Santiago, two of them enjoying a place in the podium. 
The vast experience in this field by Chilly Racing and Carlos piloting skills were the perfect blend for an impeccable job and this was the result:

1º  Sebastian Palma 263

3º Rodrigo Ramirez 273

4º Ricardo Vinet 279

6º Diego Martinez 287


Barry Cruces 261

Leonardo Martinez 276