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Dakar 2014
For this edition we return to the fray with a Can-Am Regenade 800. This year we will have in our ranks again the Chilean pilot Sebastian Palma, 2013 Dakar winner in ATV category, and the current Bajas world champion, Jose Luis Espinosa, better known as "El Caballero Negro."
  Comparing to the previous year, we have improved some aspects that we believe are important. The gasoline tank has now 27 liters capacity and the fuel pump, rather than being external, is now installed inside (totally submerged). The reserve water deposit, fairly easy to fill up or empty, and with 3.5 liter capacity, is placed in the front bumper.
   We have protected the headlights and low parts around the quad, including rear transmissions, against hits or bangs from the terrain, all in high-strength polycarbonate .
   The steering stem is taller and more robust; the entire navigation tower has been replaced  from the base to the fairing, and is made of aluminum. The fairing, made of carbon fiber, is very light. We could say is  Formula 1 type because can be assembled and disassembled in less than 10 seconds. It makes the Renegade to look more racing. 
  To gain more power and acceleration at medium engine regime, we have designed an exhaust pipe made of titanium with double muffler and carbon fiber finish.  
All these components are available to the general public and a very important factor is that it is not necessary to make any modification in the Can-Am.