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Quiénes Somos

Carlos Avendaño is a tireless pioneer. He started off at age 18 with quads, long before they became fashionable. In a way, that changed his life : "I saw a quad in my friend´s garage, Oscar Álvarez,  at “Boadilla del Monte."
This led, a couple years later, to Carlos becoming triple champion of Spain .

In 2004 he created a new company, " Chilly Racing."  He designs and manufactures both street user quads and racing quads .



He has organized the "Burn Grand National Cup"  for five years since 2008. It is open to bikes, quads and buggies.

Carlos is both innovative, adventurous and a craftsman. His style matches perfectly to the Dakar : "I need feelings from this race." His first experience in 2007 was carried out to perfection. He finished No. 85 overall, 1st in the quad category up to 500 cc. 


Tourism and adventure travel have been also part of his life for 18 years . By means of running quads in Morocco, one day he asked himself a very simple question : "How does people manage to do the same?.” Since then, every year, organizes business trips -"Aventuras animadas "-  which lead to Morocco amateur groups with quads and motorcycles, as well as prestigious brands for corporate events, incentives ......
"I really like everything I do , my passion are quads, prepare ,enjoy them. I humbly think I do it not badly, but above all I like to enjoy life ".